Air express embargo items!


(a) express embargo product: 

It is hard to estimate the value of 1, securities and easy lost valuables, such as: the bill of lading, sheet of cancel after verification, passport, quotas certificate, license, license, private papers, draft, invoice, national or foreign currency (cash), gold and silver ornaments, artificial jewelry, mobile phones. 

2, inflammable, explosive, toxic, corrosive, or radioactive of strong acid alkali dangerous goods, such as: matches, detonators, gunpowder, firecrackers, gasoline, diesel, kerosene, alcohol (liquid and solid), sulfuric acid, hydrochloric acid, nitric acid, organic solvents, chemicals and other listed in chemical industry press published "hazardous chemicals practical manual" of chemical products. 

Three, all kinds of high poison, anesthetics and spirit items, such as: arsenic, opium, morphine, cocaine, heroin and marijuana, etc. 

4, countries banned circulation or shipment of items, such as: cultural relics, weapons, ammunition, simulation weapons, etc. 

5, contain reactionary, obscene or corrupts content of the newspapers and books, pictures, propaganda materials, audio and video products, laser videodisc (VCD, DVD, LD), computer disk and CD, etc. 

6 and obstruction of public health, such as bones (including already burned bones), made of skins, without tanner without medicine system such as animal bones. 

7, animals, plants and their specimens. 

8, is difficult to identify the ingredients of white powder. 

9, personal letters, etc. 

(2), aviation embargo product: 

1, threat aviation flight safety items, refers to the air transport, may obviously harm human health, safety or damage to property of the goods or materials. Basically has the following categories: 

A, explosives: such as fireworks and detonating fuze, etc.; 

B, gas: such as compressed gas, dry ice and fire extinguisher, air storage (no emissions device, and cannot be further inflated), lifesaving device (automatic inflation); 

C, flammable liquids, such as paint, gasoline, alcohol, oil, camphor oil, engine start fluid, turpentine, day take water, glue, perfume; 

D, flammable solid: spontaneous combustion material, treat water released flammable gas substance, such as a carbon, titanium powder, copra, castor products, rubber debris, safety matches (box or piece of brush wipe the), dry white phosphorus, dry yellow phosphorus, magnesium powder, etc.; 

E, antioxidants and organic peroxide: such as potassium permanganate; 

F, toxicity and infectious items such as pesticides, lithium batteries, tear gas, etc.; 

G, radioactive substances; 

H, corrosive: such as batteries, alkaline battery liquid. 

I, did not add protective packaging magnet demagnetization, magnets with strong magnetic of products. 

2, any drugs. 

3, other aviation embargo product, such as: powder items (no matter what color), liquid (use no matter what kind of packing) and packing of the sign of danger of goods and no country audio and video press proof of audio and video products (including CD, VCD), cutting tools, durian, with gas lighters, involve "weapon" and "guns" concept of any goods (including toys), etc 
Three, all kinds of high poison, anesthetics and spirit items, such as: arsenic, opium, morphine ?


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