Consignment by Air procedures


The shipper of goods to the carrier to submit a cargo consignment note, accompanied by the necessary supporting documents in accordance with the provisions of the national authorities. Shipper to respond to the authenticity and is responsible for the correctness of the consignment note, fill out the content. Submit by the shipper of goods consignment note accepted by the carrier and air cargo transportation contract shall be set up by the carrier the issuance of bills of lading after. 

Shipper requirements package to aircraft transport cargo, should submit the charter application, the carrier agrees to accept and sign the charter transportation agreement, the air charter contract of carriage of goods shall set up, to sign an agreement when the individual shall comply with civil aviation authorities authorities the provisions of the charter transport. 

Shipper on the consignment of goods, packaging, packaging standard shall be in accordance with the provisions of the national authorities; Uniform provisions concerning the packaging standards, packaging should be in accordance with the principle of ensuring transport safety, according to the nature of the cargo carrying aircraft conditions. Who do not meet the packaging requirements, the carrier has the right to refuse to carry. 

The shipper must be marked on the shipment of the consignment of the hair station, arrival and shipper, the consignee unit. Name and address, in accordance with state regulations indicate that the packaging and storing the index mark. 

The state regulations must be the insurance of goods, the shipper should be checked when the insured cargo transport insurance. 

The shipper of goods, freight and other charges shall be paid in accordance with the rates prescribed by the competent authorities of Civil Aviation. In addition to the shipper and the carrier otherwise agreed, the freight and other charges shall be in the carrier into a lump sum when issuing cargo waybill. 

The carrier shall in the goods issue notice of arrival to cargo locations within 24 hours after the consignee, the consignee shall prove to the designated pick up the goods by the delivery in a timely manner, goods issue notice of arrival the next day, free to custody in March. The consignee fails to claim, shall transport rules to pay to discuss custodial fees. 

The consignee at the delivery of the goods, unfinished goods or weight without objection, and sign the bills of lading on the carrier that the lifting of the transport responsibility.


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